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The traditional medicine of india , is not a science artificially imposed upon living beings. Ayurveda is made up of two sanskrit words " Ayu " which means life and "veda" which means the knowledge. To know about life is Ayurveda Ayurved is based upon a profound understanding of the spirit of life and the movement of its force. Ayurveda has a holistic approach to individual where in it does not differentiate between the Body and the Mind and they are interrelated and intigrated. So that happens to one influences the other. It is a science based upon the observation of living being and their actual to their environment. Many scholars believe that knowledge of Ayurveda spread out from INDIA and influenced the ancient chinese system of medicine, unani medicine and the medicine practiced by hippocrates in Greece.it also emphasize on preventive health care.Many Ayurvedic practices were handed by word of mouth and were used before there were written records.Two ancient books written in sanskrit on palm leaves more than 2000 years ago are thought to be the texts on Ayurveda........ CHARAK SAMHITA and SUSHRUT SAMHITA.
Ayurveda views a person as a unique individual made up of five primary elements.The elements are:
1.Ether (space) 2.Air 3.Fire 4.Water 5.Earth.
Each element is Represented in the human body. When any of these elements are presents in the environment ,the will in turn have an influence on us. These elements combine to form (Three Dosha)
1.Vata 2.Pitta 3.Kapha.

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Ayurveda, means not just a science of medicine to treat illness, but a vast science who teaches us "HOW TO LIVE LIFE , PREVENT DISEASES AND RESTORE BALANCE" without any adverse effects.

Important Of Ayurveda

It is a curative treatment without side effects.
Ayurveda helps to promote health cure disease and increase immunity.

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